Market Coffee


Sign in and rewards screens

Market Coffee is a fake company that one of my instructors asked each of us to make an app for. We had to create our own logo, colour scheme and designs. This included three different ways the product page would look depending on what product was selected (one look is featured below), the rewards section, the promotions section, the menu, the cart, the confirmation page and more.

Menu and item screens
Cart and confirmation screens

I wanted my logo to be a latte, with the business name being the foam design. That is why I chose the font Molle for the logo text. I decided to use it for the main headers as well, to create a clear hierarchy, drawing your attention to what is important.

I chose Poppins for the body text because it pairs well with Molle. It also has a wide variety of font weights to choose from, making it easy to test out what the best options were for my design. I used bold italic for my subheads, “or” option and buttons; bold for the menu list items, section titles, numbers and cup sizes; medium for the options list on the product pages, how many millilitres and stand-in text for the card info; medium italic for the descriptions on the menu and listing the items in the cart. All my choices were made to show the hierarchy on each page.


Photos were found on pexels, iPhone mockup by: Image by Freepik and all icons were found on svgrepo.