Interaction Screens

Interaction Screens

The task for this project was to create four interactive touch screens, like you would see in a museum for some exhibits or in a mall showing you where all the stores are. The four screens were: home/start and three other screen types of your choosing, like interesting facts, or information, or trivia. To show how you would get from screen to screen and how each screen would work, one element from the home/start screen (like a planet) was selected, and the write-ups on the other three pages were specific to that element and then prototyped.

Since I had been doing a few assignments and projects with animals, I wanted to do something new, giving my portfolio some variety. After looking through Freepik for inspiration for a topic, I decided to do it on the planets. The graphics and images that I was able to choose from are what solidified the topic for me and looking at Nasa’s website. I got the inspiration for each screen from Nasa’s website and the majority of my information. I added overlay instructions to three of the screens when the title is pressed to explain how it works.

Some of the tricky parts of this project were figuring out how to reword the information to make it my own, how I wanted the last two screens to look and interact, as well as prototyping them to look good. In the end, I was and am still proud of how it turned out.

Planets overlay
Space background with planets
Neptune description
Need to know(facts) overlay
Need to know(facts)
Pop culture reference overlay
Pop culture reference
Play to see how it works


Space background: Image by pikisuperstar, Solar System: Image by brgfx and Moon: all found on Freepik.