Ivy holding a koala

Hi! I’m Ivy, I graduated from RRC Polytech’s Professional Photography program with a certificate. After graduating, I went to work for Lifetouch Canada as a school photographer. I worked there for 7 years before going back to school at RRC Polytech, taking Digital Media Design earning a certificate and Digital Media Design- Interactive Design and Development earning a diploma.

I always new I wanted to be an artist but didn’t know what kind. I took a few art classes throughout elementary school, two of which were at the Manitoba Children’s Museum and the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Realizing that I am not good at drawing, I decided to pursue photography. After a few years I found that photography is more of a hobby. This is what lead me to seek other artistic opportunities and how I landed back at RRC Polytech.

Thank you to 6P Marketing for having me for my work placement.



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